A big thank you to everyone who has supported us at Sirius.Neverendinglight.com !

Because of your incredibly generous support, coming from every corner of the globe, we can announce today that A. Kaleka’s production company will be able to be fully funded to complete the feature documentary “Sirius”!

The minimum they needed to do a broadcast quality, major documentary was $250,000 which we now have raised because of all of you!

Of course, this minimum is a minimum. And if we have more networking support from the public we can make an even better, more far-reaching and impactful film. So please contribute  all that you can to support this historic multi-media project.

Further funding will enable us to engage adequate publicity so the wider public learns of the film, do more extensive research on new evidence and ET/UFO cases and develop a multi-media presence that includes the Internet- and more. Let’s make this the number one crowd-funded film in history!


There is a chance that we may be able to include in the film “Sirius” the scientific testing of a possible Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (EBE) that has been recovered and is deceased. This EBE is in the possession of a cooperative institute desiring further scientific evaluation of the possible ET. We cannot reveal at this time the location of this being or the name of the person or persons who possess it.

Dr. Jan Bravo- who is a STAR Board member and a fellow Emergency Physician- and I have actually visited the group that possesses this EBE and have personally and professionally examined the being. It is indeed an actual deceased body, and most certainly is not plastic or man-made. It has a head, 2 arms and 2 legs and is humanoid . We have seen and examined X-Rays of the being. Its anatomy however is not homo sapien (modern human) or any known hominid (predecessors to humans).

As you can imagine, the security and scientific issues surrounding the further testing of this potentially explosive and world- changing evidence are mind-boggling. However, we feel we simply must proceed expeditiously but cautiously. The cost of doing proper MRI testing, full and dispositive  forensic-level DNA testing and carbon dating with other isotope testing are considerable and certainly not currently funded. We must rule out other hominids, bizarre genetic defects and so forth. But it is most certainly an actual biological specimen – and it may be – well, what it looks like.

If you can assist further with funding the campaign for Sirius we will attempt to carry out this scientific inquiry, however daunting it may be. We are currently investigating what these costs will be, but they will certainly be in the tens of thousands of dollars and perhaps more.

Dr. Bravo, myself, Dr. Ted Loder, Professor Emeritus University of New Hampshire, and other scientists who wish to remain confidential will be doing the examinations and testing.  A top DNA lab will be engaged for appropriate DNA evaluation.

The only reason I mention this sensitive matter at this time is that in order for this possible ET body to be properly evaluated and disclosed in “Sirius” – which is planned for completion in December 2012- we must act immediately. We will need your help with funding this and the rest of “Sirius”. And we cannot buy the safety and security that millions of people knowing about what we are doing can afford.  Shadowy classified projects would prefer for us not to proceed, just as they wished that we not proceed with DisclosureProject.org in 2001. But we did. And we are here to tell the tale because millions of people knew what we were doing well before that historic event.

You the public are our shield. You are our protectors, along with providence. While the testing will be confidential and done very discreetly until results are known- the fact that we are pursuing this evidence must be known by millions of people in order for us to be protected. Tell everyone you know-now.

The worst case scenario is that this being is not what it appears to be. But if it is: My God!

Please help us if you can.

We do not have the staff to answer and read comments. Therefore we have disabled that feature. We thank you for your understanding.


  • wigginss says:

    GOOD IDEA! We need to download it from somewhere, burn to dvd and pass it around. Free of charge of course!

  • ufodisc-losure says:

    Because of the fact that we all donated towards the making of the sirius movie and will be free to watch for all, i suggest that the movie would be available on youtube as well as other platforms such as vimeo, my space and others. Everyone with websites could embed the code and insert on their own site at the same time sirius the movie becomes available for transmission , after the premier is screened of course. http://ufos-disclosure.blogspot.co.uk/

  • shrink says:

    I don’t take the debunkers very seriously. The real skeptics don’t post here. They know that the internet isn’t real.

  • wigginss says:

    Dr Greer,
    I just wanted to say that I am extremely excited for the release of “Sirius”. I have just one question tho, how will it be released world wide? Will it be available on YouTube or will there be an international release event across the world…Durban, South Africa in particular?
    Stephen Wiggins

  • Wolf says:

    Dr Greer, I’ve communicated with Mr Lloyd Pye, the custodian of the Starchild Skull artifact. After 13 years of DNA sequencing, which is not yet complete but which can be statistically interpretted to indicate what the final result will be, he has deomonstrated with close to certainty and with the support of several experts in their fields which includes Cranio Facial expertise, that the DNA obtained from the Skull is not Human. From what he has told me it is my understanding that he would would be pleased to discuss the possibility for inclusion of SP research results in the Sirius documentary. Kind Regard, W.

  • Kenmccor says:

    Dear Dr. Greer,
    Regarding the biological entity that you have, has anyone contacted Jaime Maussan the famous Mexican newscaster? He is also in possession of what he believes is a tiny body of a biological being and I believe he has had DNA testing on it. I think what he has, has a tail.
    Kenneth McCormick
    About Facts Net

  • TomK.Atze says:

    After the killing of Amardeep’s father I am even less willing to join the euphoria about the alleged EBE carcass.
    Dead things, putrefaction, and the grave…. isn’t that the Agenda of the Carbon Junta?! So, “let the dead bury the dead”.
    The Sirius doc. was announced to contain the very best of evidence on the Orion project, Cseti, and Dislosure Project. If this will be the case, everybody with an open mind will conclude concurrently that there are such things like —— living EBEs; and everybody else will doubt even the best and most obvious positive testing results. That’s why I’ll stick with my conviction: the inclusion of this newly emerged topic will add no value to “Sirius”.
    Dr. Greer, on the WPN conversation of Aug. 10th you obviously made a reference to my comment of July 28. So I assume you understand quite well what I meant. And now, additionally, you need to mourn another tragic loss of a close person. Please be very careful with your mental and physical resources.
    So all I am suggesting at that point is that you do invest your energy and efforts very deliberately.
    Like many others I made a donation to the Sirius documentary funding, and I’d really love to see this project not vanish into nothingness.
    By the way: what happened to the CE-5 initiative with a major G-7 country to promote public announcement of official Contact a couple of years ago…?!?
    Concerned but still full of confidence

  • ashtonford says:

    Dr. Greer,

    Looking forward to your new movie and the exciting outcome of the new ebe thats been mentioned. Watched your interview on Camalot they were kinda rude with you. You handled your self well and came off a professional.

  • Zoletta says:

    Dr. Greer – if you’re not aware of this, I want to draw your attention to it:

    The National Geographic channel just released a two-hour documentary called ‘The Secret History of UFOs’ – and had a rep from SETI participating as a debunker. They put the best and most authentic UFO incidences on there, and tore them to shreds with a snicker. Once again, hard to believe in coincidences as far as the timing between their show and the coming Sirius documentary. They even had one of yours on there – Col Charles Holt – who spoke quite sincerely about his experience, only to be followed by skeptics and debunkers that made him look like a delusional fool.

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  • Edwin van Mossel says:

    And they are right! We have to do it ourselves.
    Already looking forward to your new movie.

    The first documentary of my trilogy in the making will be finished end of this year. In three parts I will take the viewer as objective as I can from the crop circle phenomenon to the ufo phenomenon. Rather: ufo’s and sac’s. Working now for 18 years in Dutch mainstream.

    Monday the 13th I will be heading for Wiltshire again. And some other places in Brittain(int.R.Dutt. again). Interviewing people with an academical/university background, mostly in aviation and or space techniques. Working with own professional gear at own expenses.
    In Holland a few years ago a Dutch teacher in aviation – from the Technical University in Delft – stuck his neck out about the ufo subject and much more. He wants to come with me if possible, to attend some interviews.

    Already 40 hours of beautiful shots and interviews. Will end up with at least 70 hours of rough material, shot in HD. Will do largest part editing myself.

    Dr.Greer, I would be honoured to interview you to for my project.

    And thanks so so much for all the effort uptil now. I was inspired, especialy about the hidden energy technologies. We will get there. I will push thru. First teaser will be on youtube/facebook this weekend. On facebook under my real name(account with the picture).

  • Millard says:

    Dr. Greer,

    I have followed your work for a long time and deeply appreciate your contribution to human truth. Mighty worthy cause.
    I am working together with a team on a major movie project on the life of George Van Tassel. Giant Rock The Movie centers on of of the founder of the UFO movement, as he makes personal contact with extraterrestrials. George’s story is amazing, and we are really noting your crowd funding success, and hope to repeat it…
    Contribute To The Project

  • NickTJed says:

    When do you think Steven the sirius movie will be made and out to the public? By december maybe? You now have full funding now?

    Kind Regards,
    Nick J.

  • VegasBaby says:

    Dr Greer, in response to your comment that ET’s are waiting for us to do disclosure, do you believe the “Sirius” movie will prompt the ET to reveal themselves to us? Also do you believe the “Sirius” movie will prompt or force any of the world governments to admit the truth that we are not alone and indeed in contact with ET’s? Your comments are always respected and appreciated. Thanks. VB.

  • Brenda444 says:

    Thank you for your work! Our united Synergy is so important in creating our New Earth where our ET family is always welcome!
    I have already donated to the Documentary but want to make an additional donation for the EBE. Will there be a link where we can donate specifically for the EBE or do I need to do it as if I am donating again to the Documentary. May peace and blessings abound for this project and all connected to it!

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  • Kosmo74 says:

    All of my strength and thoughts are for the family of Arm..,such terrible news, i am really sad..
    My condolence to all family and friends of arm.

    The Netherlands

  • Maverik152 says:

    Okay guess its official and confirmed on the 1st and 2nd national blockbuster announcement by MUFON. Here is a link to the article on examiner.com by Roger Marsh.

    Interesting article!



  • Maverik152 says:

    Yeah tell me about it lifesignz, it’s an amazing article! I’m looking forward towards the end of 2012.

    Today MUFON by now has released two national blockbuster UFO discovery that supposedly will be talked about for years to come. It’s 10:15pm and I’m still waiting to read or hear the official discovery that
    MUFON International Director David ‘The Captain’ MacDonald stated in the July issue of the ‘MUFON Journal”.

    Think I know what’s 1 of 2 blockbuster discovery might be. This is not official but just gathering info from sources. The news of Stringfield’s work surfacing and in MUFON’s hands now had been kept secret prior to the 8 p.m. announcement as one of two “blockbuster UFO discoveries”. Sixty volumes of “meticulous UFO research over 30 years” by the late Ufologist Leonard H. Stringfield were donated to the Mutual UFO network.

    Again this is not official but here’s a link to the source on examiner.com. Either way, it’s a good read and talks about the late Ufologist Leonard H. Stringfield and Government involvement such as FBI, CIA, Donald Rumbsfeld and President Ford.


    Will keep an eye out for the official national blockbuster news made by MUFON today.

    Thank you Dr. Greer!!


  • lifesignz says:

    Thanks for that info Maverik152, what amn awesome read!
    Really can’t wait for December now…

  • Grant Haygood says:

    I guess today is Neil Armstrong’s 82nd Birthday! :)

  • Maverik152 says:

    Dr. Greer

    Similar to the SIRIUS film, are you aware of a Mayan documentary Film called “Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond” exposing the evidence of Alien contact with the Mayan civilization that the Mexican government along with the Guatalema government will soon be releasing probably around the same time as the SIRIUS film before the end of 2012?

    Mexico will be releasing never before seen secret codices, artifacts
    and significant documents which the government has kept secure
    in underground vaults for sometime.

    This is a very exciting article to read!

    Here is a link by Reuters on the article dated Sept. 26 2011.


    Your film along with this documentary film supported by the Mexican and Guatalema government will definitely open people’s eyes all over the world on the TRUTH.

    Thank you Dr. Greer!!


  • Grant Haygood says:

    Also, is Neil Armstrong a Disclosure Project witness? It would be great to have video of him talking about when they landed on the moon, and how the crater was crowded with Extraterrestrial Vehicles, “and they did not want us coming out there yet.”

  • Grant Haygood says:

    Dr. Greer,

    I assume this is from 30 or so years of dedicated meditation. But it cracks me up how sometimes you basically say, “just remote view it.” Like with CTS, we are actually supposed to be remote viewing our location, etc. How do you just remote view like that? I have had all sorts of random advanced consciousness things happen, like precog, remote views, etc; but it fascinates me how on-demand it seems to be for you. Like in “Hidden Truth” when you talk about just remote viewing Emily at home. Or, I have some buddies who attended last Falls Southern California Ambassador Training; and when you remote viewed them getting a flat tire, and you knew they would be there later that night. In the CSETI forum about two years ago, we tried a non-local RV experiment. Someone had an object on their night stand, and he projected the object while we focused on his location and the object. He even showed us his location on Google maps. But anyways, I focused on the object and his location during meditations, doing CTS but just visualizing. But yeah. It was like I remote viewed the astral body of the object. I thought it was a rectangular brush. I just saw this rectangular object, and a bunch of dots over it. But it turned out to be an iPod. I’ve also had two remote views associated with CE-5s. But anyways, what do you say? I have become dedicated to meditation, and such since my first Contact experiences in August of 2009. But would you say that all this stuff has just sort of become second nature to you over time? Also, I just wanted to let you know that I just saw your 3 hour presentation on Youtube at the Conscious Life Expo. I was absolutely floored. One of your best, upfront, and indepth public presentations online by far. I just wanted to thank you for your tireless dedication to your three projects. You are a true blessing, and thank you for staying here on Earth/Gaia and helping your fellow people through this tumultuous transition period. I am forever indebted. Namaste. ∞=1

  • drgreer says:

    The CE-5 Ambassadors to the Universe project has the central objective of contact. This Contact is often Trans-Dimensional (see books) and its central purpose is diplomatic in nature. Moreover, a sample as you suggest would not be dispositive- we likely share most genes with any ET species. After all, we share 98% of our genes with gorillas! And we would not ask them for a body that is deceased. A living being that could ‘hang around’ long enough for such testing would no doubt be captured and killed by various para-government forces at this point in history. Ultimately, the ETs want us to do Disclosure before they appear more fully. They wish for humans to compassionately educate one another. If they wanted to the ETs could, as Larry King asked me, just land on the White House lawn (having first disabled all the weaponry in the US). They prefer for the children of earth to take the lead. That’s what we are here for.

  • drgreer says:

    The media are desperate to set the subject up and then knock it down- their corporate masters demand it.

  • Zoletta says:

    Dr Greer,

    I have a very straightforward question to ask you: Is there any reason you or a member of CSETI would not be able to ask an EBE for a nail, hair, or small tissue sample to be left with the group, so that you would know ahead of time what the outcome of a DNA test would show? I’m also very curious why they wouldn’t be able to offer you at least one working model of a zero-point energy unit, so you can get a team together and start manufacturing more. Neither would be a selfish request, and undoubtedly they would know that. If they want you to head this cause, what on earth (no pun intended) is stopping them from giving you the tools you need to move forward? Have you asked for these things? If not, why not? If so, why have they refused?

    In Sincere Curiosity,

  • Light2012 says:

    Dr. Geer:

    It’s so great to know that ET exists and we human can be a new member of the universe socialty. Thank you so much for all and your team’s great work! It’s a honor to support such a project. Lots of us are looking forward to watching this movie!

    I watched lots of your videos/speeches – I was so glad to know that the world could be so much better and war is not our natural!

    Also, may I ask you for few questions if I could?
    1. You mentioned that, after you get into the unbounded mind, you can see the future. If this is the case, is it possible to know when will the new world will come?
    2. If the unbounded mind has the ability to change one material into another, is it possible to change something that is very common to gold, so that you could get some financial support? If this is appropriate.
    3. If the ETV came and was very closed to the CE-5 group, why not record/photo them in the close distance? If the ETs allow us to do this.
    4. Are you confident about the future of human of this progress of becoming a member of the universe socialty?


  • Maverik152 says:

    Dr. Greer

    I’m going to be commenting on a different subject aside from the SIRIUS movie. There’s been an increase in UFO shows such as Chasing UFO, Secret History of UFO, UFO Files and UFO Hunters that interview credible witness to amazing testimonies. These shows begins with almost supporting the UFO phenomenon by interviewing credible witnesses to incredible testimonies only to insert doubtful of these events by the end of the show by applying some ridiculous scientific explanation to each event. I’m at a point where I don’t take these shows very serious as I once did and believe it creates more doubts about the existence of UFO than the truth. There is always a team of 3 to 4 members with different expertise in certain areas and always the person who is the scientist basically debunks all that was witness.

    Dr. Greer not sure what are your thoughts or any one else on this blog but I’m beginning not to pay much mind to these UFO shows because not one except for Ancient Aliens seems to want to disclose the truth but rather debunk the truth by the end of the show.

    Dr. Greer, thank you for your sincere dedication into the truth and the SIRIUS movie. Know that we support you and your team.

  • lifesignz says:

    Thanks you so much for all that you are doing Dr Greer.
    I also can’t wait for December!!!
    To neglect including the latest findings on the EBE body in the Sirius movie would be silly, every piece of information helps
    especially something that explosive if confirmed real!
    However, I have faith in whatever you guys decide goes in the final cut of Sirius.

  • HollomanUFOLanding says:

    Hi Dr. Greer,

    Again, please feel free to contact me. It’s interesting that we share the same knowledge regarding consciousness and how we can manifest that all times, everywhere.

  • drgreer says:

    It appears neo-natal or very young, around 6 inches in length, 5 fingers and toes but very different skeletal make up from homo sapiens. We hope an MRI will elucidate any further internal organ structures as we do not wish to at all damage the specimen. No microscopic exams have been done because we cannot take significant samples from the being. We will take a very small amount for DNA evaluation if possible. Keep in mine we do not possess or own this specimen and thus have a number of restrictions placed upon us. As to the species, as you know the “grays” that have been seen are mostly PLF- programmed man-made life forms. However this being is not of that variety but may belong to an ET species that has been described as traveling in very small 15 foot or so oval, egg-like ET craft.(See Disclosure Project marine witness. Weygandt) If we can rule out a global skeletal congenital human defect, then it is indeed something extraordinary and would conform to reports of these ET beings.

    Many have suggested we not pursue this scientific inquiry, or that we do so secretly. Neither suggestion is acceptable. We will not keep such a finding secret, and there is no other group with top scientific and medical personnel who know the ET issue and who can properly pursue such an inquiry. We simply need to run this to ground, one way or another. If it turns out not to be ET, then it will be an amazing medical finding nevertheless. SG

  • RWBeckwith says:

    Dr Greer: I am absolutely elated at this latest development. You know that you can always count on my support. Absent revealing any details that would endanger the effort, I was hoping you might be able to answer a couple of questions regarding your preliminary examination of the EBE: (1) did it appear to be what would be referred to as a typical gray? (2) in addition to x-rays, did you have an opportunity to examine any tissues under a microscope to determine whether the samples were comprised of something akin to our own cells? (3) Upon first examination did the EBE possess any organs that appeared to be obviously reproductive in nature? (4) Approximately how large or small was the specimen?

    As you know, you may call upon me at any time.


  • albert1978 says:

    your starchild had 7 fingers

  • ThR1985 says:

    Dr. Greer, there are far few words to describe what you’ve been doing and how far you’ve taken this project, with all those associated with it. Its absolutely amazing, and i applaud you extensively, and all of those that apart of this wonderful project, sincerely. I’m a huge fan of the work that you’re doing, and wish that i could do more to help get this movement into the light of day that it deserves. I think all of us who subscribe to the idea and the belief of this project wish that we could do more than just sit by and read and watch as it unfolds. It’ll happen, the truth, i mean, its just a matter of time. I hope that with the coming documentary, which i cannot wait for, by the way, a serious groundbreaking will be done. No one here needs to tell you that the world needs to change, because its obvious. But none the less, you’re doing a fantastic job with everything. In the very near future, i hope to attend one of the Ambassador to the Universe trainings. As far as the EBE that may or may not make it into the documentary, i really hope that it does. There’s too much saturation of evidence that only partially supports the theory but nothing concrete that lends credibility to the actualiation of alien life, at least, that makes it to the public eye. All of it shelved away and hidden within the veil of secrecy. But this could very well change all of that. As you stated, if it turns out to be the real deal, with all doubt aside, then that EBE becomes the exact kind of evidence the public needs to be faced with. I’m a firm believer in everything the disclosure project is pushing for, fighting for, rather, both because of my own personal experiences…the things that i’ve seen and the people that i have met…but also, let’s face it, everything that is discussed here, just feels right. There’s so much out there that needs to be brought to the surface and explored, for the betterment of humanity, both physically, socially, but also spiritually. Looking forward to all the things to come. Again, keep up the amazing work, Dr. Greer.


  • didi love says:


    Website: http://www.starchildproject.com/

    Contact: contact@starchildproject.com

    Short Introduction Video:


    To the utmost best of my knowledge, reasoning and intuition this is a true EBE skull.

    The skull bone is less thick than human skull bone (3mm vs ~9mm), and it is stronger, due partly to it’s mineral composition closer to tooth enamel than bone.

    The skull itself is smaller than a human skull, and has a higher cranial capacity due to the lack of sinuses and less deep eye sockets.

    The EBE skull has no inion, unlike a human skull.

    This is a literally a fraction of the differences in anatomy, which also include smaller jaw and jaw muscles, unknown extremely strong fibers interlaced in the bone increasing strength, neck connecting to the skull at it’s center, etc, and DNA tests and C14 dating have been done.

    It seems advantageous for someone from the CSETI team to contact Dr. Lloyd Pye or his team.

  • drgreer says:

    We have not been privy to the details and provenance of the study of the skull. If you possess such information kindly transmit.

  • JAMES313 says:

    lol the rosswell autopsy video? @ alert1978, oh please please! it was nothing more than a hoaxed video, a doll a movie prop if you like ,with lumps of plastic or what ever pulled out of holes, a fakery a made up propaganda video to steer people off the truth path and wallow in controversy , do some real research this is not a passive hobby for those who are serious and realize the implications of all this , its a mission

    , certainly its true bodies were found and taken, and no not kept at area 51, most very likely kept on ice at Lockheed martin,
    this is good news, keep up the great work Dr greer and all involved , your unbound focus is an inspiration, thank you thank you. i eagerly await December 2012, all this is the real justified ”war” for is is against mankind as a whole ,as you say you ”cannot buy the safety and security that millions of people knowing about what we are doing can afford” im proud to be informed and be a part of this movement, i cant thank you enough, this is the step in the direction that we as a human race so desperately need, to say its profound is a understatement

  • Jared Smith says:

    Dr Greer,

    Because of ridicule, and other suppressions in relation to this film topic, have you or Amardeep been subjected to threats or other forms of intimidation in promoting this project SIRIUS?

    And do you fear that this film will be the target of an aggressive disinformation effort generated by the faceless world governments?


  • Maverik152 says:

    Dr. Greer

    I’m excited to join Your quest along with your team to expose the truth that we are not alone but instead living among them. I financially support the SIRIUS campaign and look forward to watching the movie especially for the EBE. I will do as you requested and spread the word on this highly important initiative to freinds as I’m a new member to your blog. All the best to you and Neverending light!

  • Wolf says:

    Dr Greer, one of the other posters raised a question regarding the inclusion in the Sirius documentary of information about the Starchild skull artifact. The DNA study of that artifact, according to the reports, establishes the source of its DNA as “Human-Unknown hybrid”. My question(s) is/are: Are you intending to include information about the artifact and if not, why so?

  • albert1978 says:

    the alien you have is exactly the same as in the roswell alien autopsy video. the genetic make up is not very different from humans.

  • jrtallent says:

    just curious — why are you calling it a “baby”? There is nothing in the report to indicate that it is a baby.

  • jrtallent says:

    Is this the same creature shown in the Update Video #3? – http://vimeo.com/43608846

  • drgreer says:

    It is deceased and has been since our knowledge of it.

  • scrow says:

    Dr. Greer,

    I have a question. What is the latest information about the EBE baby you talked about?

    Is the baby still alive, and being cared for?

    And I am sure the EBE’s are aware of their baby in the hands of humans, have the EBE’s tried to get it back?


  • dtw1981 says:

    I understand the body is just a carcass and spirit of the EBE has moved on, however I did initially have ethical concerns about including this body in a movie and whether it would detract from the spiritual incentives to promote value and respect for ‘other’ beings if all we see is a lifeless carcass? What are your thoughts Dr Greer? I appreciate perhaps ‘means justifying ends’ arguments.

  • blastocito says:

    We should all jump for joy at the news of the possibility of having EBE. Instead, it appears that has no importance.
    This is the proof that we were expecting. The test, if confirmed, may not be deny by any skeptical or goberment.
    Of course, you can count on my support and my money.
    Thanks for making it possible
    Greetings from Spain

  • Zoletta says:

    Was the Starchild skull ultimately found to be a true ET/human hybrid? If so, will it be a part of the film?

  • drgreer says:

    Donations would remain via Sirius.Neverendinglight.com- Thank you!

  • MissVickie says:

    I know the thorough testing of the DNA from the Starchild skull was quoted at $1 million. I hope you can get a better deal. Are you going to provide instructions to how to donate for this specific scientific endeavor?

  • Grant Haygood says:

    You da man, Dr. Greer! You have A LOT of supporters out there. Sorry your critics are so loud, and clearly do not LISTEN.

    If it is an EBE, why would he leave it out of the film? Sorry, Tom; but I don’t see your rationale here…

    One thing I do agree with Tom though. In the first “Sirius” video that you guys put out, there are a few clips which I’m not convinced are genuine ET craft. Like, the Dome of the Rock “UFO.” I agree that you should only have confirmed and validated photos, film, etc in the film. I’m sure the Never Ending Light team was just trying to put something together, but that just kind of bugged me. Also, what do you think of the promo images they’re using for “Sirius”? The craft looks more like an ARV than an ETV to me. Thoughts, Dr. Greer? Best wishes. Namaste. ∞=1

  • VegasBaby says:

    Thanks very much for taking the time to respond to my question. Much appreciated!!

  • drgreer says:

    Unless it can be examined, tested and so forth we would have no opinion on this. The Internet is filled with rubbish and hoaxed nonsense.

  • VegasBaby says:

    Talking of EBE’s I was just wondering whether you, Dr Greer, or anyone else has seen the “Skinny Bob” EBE on the internet & what your thoughts are on it? Is it real? Is it a really good hoax? I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!!

  • drgreer says:

    Yes, but we have been asked not to discuss for security reasons.

  • ufodisc-losure says:

    Any information on where the EBE came from, crashed ufo, location, whatever?

  • VegasBaby says:

    I agree with u, KatiePudd, any evidence no matter how big or small can only help and I cant wait for the release of the sirius documentary.

  • katiepudd says:

    I disagree with the comment by Tom but of course respect his view, this sort of evidence would reinforce the point that some UFO’s are extraterrestrial rather than terrestrial and I feel that we need as much evidence as we can to make the case regarding intelligent alien life-forms. This sort of solid proof would also support the testimony of those who claim to have had contact with “the others” it will also strengthen the seriousness of this phenomena and help to counteract the “comedy value” tag that most mainstream media organisations attach to this subject matter. This whole story of alien intelligences needs to turn a corner and be a subject that intelligent and open minded individuals can discuss publicly without fear of ridicule or loss of credibility, I think the work you are doing is fantastic…..keep it up…..to coin a phrase “the truth is out there”.

  • TomK.Atze says:

    Dear Dr. Greer,
    I am glad to learn the “Sirius”-documentary funding is well on its way. But I am not convinced it is a good idea to include that recent issue of EBE with this film. For instance, what if after all that EBE turns out to be an earthly hoax – somehow delivered to you and your team as a decoy – then the entire production could be very easily be discredited by it.
    From my point of view a positively tested EBE would add no value to all the other aspects of the movie whatsoever at this point in time. My suggestion would be to keep that issue separate and deal with it elsewhere some other time. Furthermore, are you not busy enough these days with the regular plan of production? I am a little worried you could be dissipating your vigors and loosing track of what was intended at the outset. I wish and pray you keep your diligence, vigilance, and sobriety you have shown with these most crucial topics all these years. Thank you.

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