In recent weeks, a series of disturbing mainstream media (MSM) outlets have featured absurd xenophobic pieces about how to handle an “Alien Invasion”.

In the UK, former MOD official Nick Pope speaks extensively of this– and likens any country that would not join in the “fight” as cowards, similar to those who refused to fight Hitler.  Fox News’ Red Eye show featured a poll, asking who would best handle an “alien invasion” : Romney or Obama?

In recent months, countless xenophobic alien invasion movies and video games have emerged- all with the subtext of humanity uniting in a militaristic defense of our homeland earth against the marauding, hideous “aliens”.

Since the early 1990s, I have been warning of this scenario: that the militarists and covert programs would play the alien invasion card at some point in order to further consolidate power around a military/industrial/financial oligarchy.  No less a figure than Werner Von Braun warned that – after the Cold War and global terrorism- the alien invasion hoax would be foisted on the public.

It would appear that we are in the final countdown to this madness.

It is for this reason that since the late 1980s, any researcher who comes forward with this information- and evidence of shadowy para-military groups hoaxing abductions, mutilations and the like- is black-listed by the media and, ironically by the UFO subculture.

But a few facts: In the past century, humans have murdered through organized warfare at least 150 million and perhaps over 200 million of our own people. This is the entire population of some exo-planets. And this number does not count run-of-the-mill murders.

Humans have weapons of mass destruction (WMD) that could terminate all life on earth in a single exchange. Trillions of dollars have been spend over the decades on this arsenal, while billions of souls go hungry, uneducated and die of preventable diseases.

Notwithstanding these facts, the MSM now wishes us to focus on this supposed “alien threat”. Why? To divert our eyes from the real task at hand? Disclosure, new energy, peaceful contact- this is what our focus must be, not fantasies of alien invasions.

It can be proven that ETs have been around very prominently since the nuclear era dawned (see It is also likely that some form of Contact has existed since the dawn of human history.

If they are so awful and hostile, why would ET wait until the earth became an armed camped with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons before making the alleged land-grab for earth?

It is just utter nonsense- and any thinking person knows this.

Moreover, given the technological prowess associated with trans-dimensional interstellar travel, IF these ETs- any of them- were so inclined, the earth could have been conquered, or destroyed, decades ago.

Additionally, there is substantial evidence that covert military projects have tracked, targeted and on occasion destroyed ET craft. Given this fact, why has there not been massive, overwhelming retaliation by these alleged invaders?

And contrary to the science fiction pablum that passes as fact on this subject, any conflict using trans-dimensional technologies as weapons would last approximately .1 nanosecond before all parties would be vaporized into another dimension. If nuclear weapons would result in global Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD), how much more so the deployment of inter-stellar trans-dimensional weapons.

The xenophobes have argued that, somehow, the minerals, or life forms or bio-materials on earth are just too much to resist for these invaders. Really? Why, when there are countless thousands of worlds scattered throughout the cosmos that are earth-like and do not yet have advanced, and violent, civilizations. People mistakenly assume that our little corner of the cosmos is the only place with such biological or mineral assets.

In short, any dispassionate analysis of the facts shows that there is only one reason for such cosmic saber-rattling: T0 scare, and cower, the public into submission; to unite the world not in peace, but in a fearsome new world order of global militarism, born out of insecurity. The hope is that we will, once again, give up our liberty to buy security.

I hope we will not be fooled again.

It is for this reason that we need to move rapidly with creating and releasing Sirius The Movie. Please help us at

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  • wpatch says:

    Dr Greer
    New to this type of format, but recently saw film(s) on youtube of the same ufo formations witnesses approx. one year ago. Ufo’s, approx. thirty of them, were appearing in the west and climing at a speed that seemed a little faster that an airplane to the apex in the sky and then disappearing. Difficult to judge, but these objects were approx. one mile above the earth. Appearance was only a bright light with no metal detected. It was about three hours before sunset. I actually stopped my car and stood there about ten minutes watching this show. Each objest was about 5 degrees from the other saucer shaped objects. After pulling into my home a few blocks away, a neighbor was looking at the same part of the sky. I asked what he was looking at. He stated; “must be the military testing something’. I would appreciate any additional info on this type of observation if available.

  • geo says:

    When we see our children fight the adults usually step in and break it up.

    I hope the ebe’s have have the same compassion and wisdom to interfere if things get out of hand here.

  • NickTJed says:

    My friend Andrew Johnson wanted me to ask you Steven this.

    But what about the towers turning to dust? Doesn’t it show weapons technology was used? Can you comment about that? And what about SAIC, which I know you’ve mentioned in some of your executive briefing documents etc?

    We both were Disclosure Project Reps. in the past. B4 it was closed down.

  • Born1938 says:

    Dr Greer, I am looking forward very much to your ‘Sirius’ movie. I can only hope that it will contain the NAMES of the “MOTU’s” and a guide to us ordinary citizens on what action we can take to bring them down. I have no doubt that such a “group” does exist but it is pointless just to talk about them, unless we know who and where they are.

    It is one thing to inform the World’s population of the fact that Extra Terestials are real. The evidence has been out there for decades. Most people already believe it but specifically, what can we actually DO to FORCE the adoption of the already existing technological alternatives that will ultimately save our planet from destruction?
    Time remaining for the planet’s recovery is fast running out! We need to somehow organize the population to save it while there is still time to do so. Unless we know who ‘the enemy’ is, nothing will change.

  • NickTJed says:

    Thanks again Steven for replying to my post my friend! *hugs* ;-) Power to the people. I was also wondering about the Sirius movie. I know that you have been to that star system with ET’s. Cool stuff. I wondered if you could go there again and bring a camcorder with you and film whats its like off world. Just a thought. Grins. I wonder whats its like off world. You dont have to answer if its a secret. :-) I look forward to seeing Sirius movie when its out in december. I wish you 100% luck in what you are trying to do Steven… Take Care.
    Nick J.

  • NickTJed says:

    My friend Andrew Johnson wanted me to ask you Steven this.
    But what about the towers turning to dust? Doesn’t it show weapons technology was used? Can you comment about that? And what about SAIC, which I know you’ve mentioned in some of your executive briefing documents etc?

    We both were Disclosure Project Reps. in the past. B4 it was closed down.

  • drgreer says:

    We have bigger fish to fry, to be honest. But we do have a source deep inside the US government that we know very well who has confirmed that it was an event that did not unfold as currently understood. The “failures” in intelligence and interception were no accident, to give you a hint. This person- who is of unquestioned authority and credibility- has been told that if he disclosed the details of this information that he, his wife, his children and his grandchildren would all be killed. This is the third highest ranking scientist and official in a major Department of Defense Lab. You can imagine what he knows…

  • NickTJed says:

    Its werid that Dr. Greer doesnt talk about the 9/11 was an inside job conspiracy at all. It was also done by the shadow government. I think. Maybe he was warned not to talk about it hot subject. I dont know.

  • muthink says:

    You need to talk to someone who understands the visitors. Someone who knows them personally. So I will help you.

    The loss of a spacecraft to the visitors is usually regrettable. Normally they would recover it, but in this case, the “visitors” were testing the humans (the ones who detonated the a-bomb.) They were wanting to see how the military would handle it. The ETs have for a long time mastered the art of ressurection technology, so, as you can imagine, they have nothing to fear by dying.

    The visitors are in fact, the architects of the human race, or should I say, of human consciousness.

    They are constantly interfering and testing the human race to see how socially or spiritually advanced we are. They put us two steps forward and we take one step back. They sort out who they want to save and who they want to destroy. They are trying to slowly perfect the human race, but they want it to look natural. They have all the time in the world as they are essentially immortal.

    They don’t come out and reveal themselves, because they don’t want to mess up their own evolution experiments. However, if a majority of them asked them to come out, they would.

    Are the visitors evil or good? Well, evil and good, from whose perspective? I think they are extremely good, the ultimate good.
    Others call them evil because they abduct people.

    I draw the analogy of the polar bear who was tranquilized from a helicopter by a scientist trying to tag him. The polar bear goes back to his other polar bears and tells them about the traumatic evil humans with their UFO helicopter and how they are planning to take over their habit in order to get access to their fish.

    This is how rediculous humans are when they think the visitors are here to take us over. We are their children and they love us like children.

    Greer is right. If the government plays the evil alien card, we need to ask the good ETs to reveal themselves. This will make for one big mess of the Illuminati’s plan, won’t it? This will be game over for the Illuminati.

  • NickTJed says:

    Hi Steven Greer, Im a huge fan of your work. Ive been following you since 2002 when I had et contact by reading Lisette Larkins 3 How to make et contact books. Can be buyed from

    I had contact in the forms of 5 or 6+ et lucid dreams. Saw a pink weird orb over my right pillow. Was zapped many times. And got viseted by a grey once and got scared and they backed off. :-( Sadly. My fault…
    I do indeed also belive that the aliens around are good guys. The Galatic Federation Of Light. I’m sure your CSETI trainings and getting people to do CE5′s for the planet will soon do a global mass landing event. Good luck! You will do it.
    I support you 100% in what you are doing.
    I think the good aliens are stopping the black ops from doing a hoaxed alien invasion. ARVs PLFs and spaced basied weapon systems. I look forward to your new movie sirius.

    I think or its my opinion that 9/11 was an inside job done by a spaced basied weapon system hit the towers not planes. They were faked. Please check out my good friends web site Andrew Johnson. Check The Evidence

    Keep up the great work Steven! :-D *hugs*

    What do you think Steven what happend at 9/11 and who did it?

    Take Care!
    Nick J.

  • Zoletta says:

    Dear Dr. Greer,

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work and ceaseless passion to bring the truth forward so that the people of our planet can finally get past the inevitable upcoming energy crisis – but I wonder, and do so with a not small amount of worry, will we be exchanging one crisis for another?

    If the $500tril fossil fuel industry were to suddenly collapse, wouldn’t it create a global economic ‘black hole’ that would leave us in financial ruins? How many millions of jobs would be lost? Wouldn’t it have such a devastating effect as to nearly render our monetary system obsolete?

    Have you given any thought on how to prepare the world, in a very practical sense, for such an event? And is it expected to happen in our lifetime? Also wondering how this new form of energy would be distributed. Would ‘they’ physically come down to build and install the equipment, and hand it out, or would they train us to do it, and hope that the humans they train will share the information wisely? Or do we already possess all we need to know, and are just sitting on the information doing nothing – and if that’s the case, how would we get that ball rolling in light of a possible economic collapse upon its release?

    We would all wish for free clean energy, but could this be a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’?

  • MagicLove says:

    To be honest I dont know. But during this time I had meditated very intensly every day, maybe that helped me to open up and see more. But things like this have happened my whOle life. I hav also encountered physical grays once as I can remember and a tall bald man in transperent mode once too. I also had a telepathy experience once but that freaked me out. And a bunch of other stuff. And i have no clue how it happens, most of the time i feel as if it happens by accident = that i am not supposed to become awake and notice these things. They might feel like i am not ready and i know they know me better than i do haha.

  • bpitter2007 says:

    Oh how I would love to have an experience like that. What is the secret?

  • bpitter2007 says:

    Do you have a CD to teach this Sanskrit? How can we learn it? I want to know for sure.

  • bpitter2007 says:

    I hope we can get Dr. Greer’s project in action before the bad guys get their’s going. People are so vulnerable nowadays to believing the worse before believing the better and it won’t take much to get them panicky for sure.

  • Nikwana Ra says:

    Well stated. Yes, the Star Visitors are monitoring everything. They have a strict policy of “non interferance”, “unless there is a mandate for them to do so. They are at the point of receiving that mandate. Why , because the Divine Supreme Source (God) does not will for human kind to be wiped out. It is the Global Elite who conduct all this false information. It was “back engineered” alien craft and cloned greys who have given the twist to friendly contact. As there are good and bad elements on earth, so to these elements exists in the Universe. The Draconian and Annunocki races as well as some renegade Greys have attempted to assists the Power Elite in subduing and enslaving the human race. However, the Elloheim (the Angelic human appearing Star Visitors, those who follow the 11:11 Spiritual and Universal Laws, those who live under the banner of the Divine God-Force and Universal Christed energies are about to interveine in a very powerful way. Why? Because Lightworkers are united and setting the Cosmos on fire with their requests for intervention and the Supreme Source as heard their cried. Just a few more steps need to be taken and we shall begin to see mass landings with these angelic human appearing Star Visitors walking upon this planet. The Dark Forces Psychops have remote viewed this. Therefore, the up swing of horrific images being places upon the human mind of “invansion scenerios”. They are trying to put a stop to the upswell of positive energy which opens the pathway to the Star Visitors having our permission, so to speak, to come, appear and land. The Cabal Dark Forces, The New World Order are loosing, ….. they know this. Their nuclear warheads have been rendered inoperable, but you will never be told these things. The “camps” they built to hold/contain us “martial law”, …..they will never be allowed to use! Why do you suppose the government has tried so hard to disarm American citizens? It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out! Do not let your hearts be troubled. The Eloheim Star Visitors are preparing for massive intervention. For our part, we must keep putting the positive energy out there and continue to invite them in!
    Dr. Greer does not exist by accident. He is a Lightworker and the Eloheim have his back. Know this: there is 25 to 35% of the earth’s population currently in human incarnation that come directly from the Merkaba Light Ships. I am one of them. Perhaps you are too?

  • MagicLove says:

    I have no clue if anything will happen during the Olympics but I am keeping my eyes open. If there ever would be an alien threat then there would be no doubt in my mind that is is the people in power behind that.

    I find it so interesting sometimes when I have experienced things I can’t explain and when i go on the search I find out there are more having similar experiences. I´ve had this “cool” experience where I know I was in an astral plane because I got conscious and was in a meeting in a hanger in a ship and this little “white” et was in front of me with a “space suite” on and a helmet under his arm, I asked him something and he looked up at me like he was surprised I was fully there (conscious) and all the sudden it was like I got pushed out of the meeting haha, to a field.

    I know this was real.

    Then a few months later I had a night with no dream, like lost of time. I woke up in bed and this same little guy stood by my bed but in a transperant mode and this time with the helmet on. It took a few seconds b4 I reacted and he noticed me cause I kinda grasped for air, and he dissapeared.

    Never seen one in a picture or movie. I’ve had more experiences during my whole life, but this one is the most recent.

    Greer explained it in a video I saw on youtube on how they can look like that (transperent) and why they use suits. So I find that very fascinating.

  • drgreer says:

    We plan to conduct a week long CSETI Contact expedition in England in July 2013, centered in Wiltshire near Avebury, Stonehenge and Alton Barnes. The best materials for professionals are the book “Disclosure” and the 2 hour DVD of military witnesses that also has a 500 page briefing document within the DVD format (see Hope to see you next year!

  • dtw1981 says:

    Dr Greer, when do you plan on coming to the UK for CSETI trainings? I run my own meditation group and feel that a training expedition would consolidate the protocols within me sufficiently so I can facilitate our own CE5 group. Also, as a social worker, I have began sharing knowledge about your work with other professionals, particularly as it is pertinent to our value base commitment to social justice in terms of ending the repression of info on ET’S/ advanced technologies thus eliminating poverty. Do you have any specific materials pertinent to professionals who are trying to enlighten their profession about the significance of disclosure?

  • Setzer says:

    I became “awake” and started my path of discovery as to the “Why” of this world in 2000. Watching criminal BushCo get handed the keys to our govt. while my heroic Father was in a coma, soon to die from effects of Agent Orange/Nam – was a huge wake up call for me, lifelong Army Brat.

    As I tried to share new ideas I discovered with others, I learned they just “don’t want to know”. I continue to work on myself with meditation and have yet to give up sharing info.

    After reading your letter to President Obama two words popped into my head that I felt I needed to share:

    “Choose Peace”

    We are on the cusp of something amazing… so very close. The battle is raging NOW and I worry that President Obama will not “choose peace” or is still a puppet of our stolen govt. and is unable to make the changes needed.

    My excitement at the potential for new energies, disclosure, and new beginnings grows – and I ask myself daily and now ask you and others in your esteemed network… HOW can I/we assist others to awaken in time… to “Choose Peace” with all the extraordinary benefits …over perpetual conflict?

    HOW may we assist others to be prepared and not buy into the game any longer as it unfolds before us in these times? What “Key” unlocks that door to awareness or is it the sum total of individuals reaching 144,000 collectively that will finally tilt the scale toward love and light?

    I have no answers, but am looking forward to a better “Star Trek” future! My deepest gratitude for you and everyone’s ongoing efforts during these times. Thank you.

    Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act.
    ~Albert Einstein

  • drgreer says:

    Yes, as you know I am a meditation teacher from the Vedic tradition, as well as an MD. Sanskrit is widely thought to be the root of all Indo-European languages, is very ancient- origins unknown. It is a “name and form” language, meaning that with the correct technique and level of consciousness, a person can materialize or manifest something by virtue of the resonant quality of the words in Sanskrit (and so I have witnessed). The Puja is a ceremony to bring to the fore of awareness for all present the light of Cosmic Mind, pure consciousness and is a remembrance and gratitude to the great teachers who keep the light of knowledge burning brightly on Earth. It prepares the contact group for mediation, higher consciousness, spontaneous and easy remote viewing and the experience of the Oneness of consciousness that is the basis for Contact and Universal Peace: That there is one Mind shining alike with all of us, it is universal and this essence of awareness is one across all peoples and galaxies. Steven M. Greer MD

  • TheFifthKind says:

    Dr Greer,

    I was wondering if you would be able to post a blog explaining the puja ceremony before you initiate contact. I would love to be able to have further insight on this practice. Can you share references or Sanskrit readings that we could use as a spiritual tool?


  • jmeyer10 says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention that the timer has started to run since there is only a little time left, relatively speaking, for the world’s main financial system, ours, to crash like a house of cards. The Fed is out of ammo and the politicians are feeble. Sometime in the not too distant future we’ll hear something like : ” don’t touch the TV; we control the horizontal and we control the vertical, earthpeople. Fear not, all is better than before. “

  • jmeyer10 says:

    There is a significant amount of evidence to support Dr. Greer’s position that a hoaxed alien invasion is imminent. This became more worrisome with the question now being politicized. Does it really matter whether Obama or Romney would handle things any differently ? WE ARE ALL GOING TO PANIC !! Try telling your family, friends and neighbors , ” don’t worry, it’s just earthlings faking an alien invasion !! They’re going to laugh at you just as they did when you said you saw a UFO or when you got scared before Y2K.
    They’re going to run like hell if monstrous black crafts appear over our cities. It’s going to take Dr. Greer’s project and the appearance of truly friendly aliens to change things. Let’s hope for the best.

  • sarahred2003 says:

    Thank you for your never-ending strength. Know that there are many people who have faith in your work. We are sending positive thoughts to you, your team and the planet every day.

  • Daktari Dan says:

    Excellent stuff from Sentinel.. Like fresh water poured into fresh water

  • dtw1981 says:

    Yes Daktari Dan. There is a blog by Dr David Clarke that appears to surreptitiously gauge people’s views, which appear to acknowledge UFO.s but still presentinng it in a novel and insignificant manner. Ive summarised Dr Greer’s work on that blog web links and this we can all do to help enlighten people on the fact that this is something transformative! Also ‘coming out’ about this issue on facebook is something I’ve done. We need to lose the fear of what others think or of ‘getting it wrong’. On this note I love this quote below:

    “Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues,
    the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a
    world which yields most painfully to change.”
    – Robert F. Kennedy 1966 Speech, US Democratic Politician

  • Daktari Dan says:

    That’s quite the most bizarre article in the Telegraph. Im sure most governments are going to come out not knowinghow to explain their about face on the subject, egg on face

  • dtw1981 says:

    Hi Dr Greer

    With this latest article and MOD releasing their archives, Nick Pope appears to be making a U-Turn. Not sure about the title of the article though. Its as thought the telegraph is recognising the credibility of the evidence but does not have the courage of their convictions and come up with a proper committal! Having said that, I think its evidence that disclosure is well and truly on its way. I’ve splashed it all over my facebook and continue to be inspired by and draw on your moral courage.

  • JAMES313 says:

    @ sentinel, very well put and so seemingly true. not sure what else to say, other than that was an impressive read and i had to reply, thank you for your inspiration and intent of exposing truth.

  • Sentinel says:

    I wouldn’t regard Nick Pope as an authority on the UFO Phenomena because he simply doesn’t understand the spiritual and metaphysical implications of such phenomena. He’s the UFOlogist equivalent of a train spotter. When you get past the ‘nuts and bolts’ we must realise that we are Life expressing itself in multitudinous forms in order to gain experience which will bring us back to the source from which we came. The various planets are really schools upon which we derive the energies and experiences neccessary to make that journey through evolution. To undertstand these truths…and indeed all Truth…it must be applicable to both the heart and the mind. The ‘God’s from Space’ appreciate this fact and live it daily as indeed would any advanced spiritual race wherever their are in the universe.

  • Sentinel says:

    There was once a very simple newsletter that went out in the 1950′s I believe, in London by the Aetherius Society with a heading which stated: ”The World Without Flying Saucers………L i f e l e s s…..!” Of cause the author had some insider knowledge of the subject! We only know an incredibly small amount of what the Beings have done for us…the fact that we haven’t already destroyed ourselves is more likely a testament to their ingenuity than to our own ‘prowess’! Without these Beings we would have destroyed ourseves just as we did to Maldec, which is now the lifeless asteroid belt!!! Then to Lumeria….and even again during Atlants. Of course, they have been ‘mopping up’ a lot of radioactivity as far as they are karmically allowed. I wonder how many world wars have been averted by their vessels neutralising warheads? Or how many times such Beings have shielding us from ‘space spores’ which would have wrecked every living thing….bar none! Or how many times they have saved our sanity and life by introducing their ‘kind’ into the Earth’s reincarnatory life cycle as ‘fourth aspect intelligences’??? Or helped us to evolve faster through spiritual action, even they are doing so today, with their Satellite No 3? Or through they help in various Cosmic Missions? The list is increadibly long and we only know a very small part of the much greater picture.

    Some other interesting info:

    According to the Aetherius Society on July 8, 1964, the Logos of Earth was given Her Primary Initiation which has instigated the New Age of Enlightenment….these stupendous energies have been held in obeyance by this Great Goddess so that mankind can continue his existence on Earth in order to gain further experience. Slowly these energies are being released….and it will literally change the surface of this planet!

    This Initiation of Earth was followed by the Initiation of the Solar System which occured in 1969, although this Earth was ‘screened’ from this because of our limited state of evolvement. According to the communicator codenamed Aetherius, ”As a result of this, all Lifeforms, except the most involved, were vibrated onto a different physical level of existence. All intelligent lifeforms were not only vibrated onto a higher physical plane of existence, but they have since been able to take with them essential equipment neccessary for their further evolution. Even the most advanced animal and vegetable forms have now been lifted to a higher frequency of vibration. As a result of this, we (the Cosmic Masters) can now operate to a more complete extent thn we could before this Cosmic Inititation. As you know, lifeforms on planets like Mars, Venus, Jupiter and similar planets, were able to change from one physical level of existence to another at will. But often the energy neccessary to remain at this higher level of vibration was considerable. Now we have a more complete mastery and control over all aspects of being without the expenditure of vast amounts of energy. This gift to us will make each one of us more productive and will enable each and every one of us to put together the pattern of evolutionary progression in a less limited manner… the planets are open to your exploration! No longer need they be closed to you as they were up until this time, for even when you visit these, and now you will, sooner or later, you, by such visits, will only learn those secrets you have earned. You can walk the surface of Mars for a thousand of your years without making any discovery which you have no right to make! You can now live on some planets for ten thousand of your years and, until you are ready, you could still erroneously conclude that they were not inhabited, save by basic vegetative forms……It is not part of the Divine Law to keep life forms in confinement, even in planetary confinement; neither is it in the Divine Law to lifeforms in ignorance. (Here’s a biggy!) As you move out towards the other worlds, so also will your internal systems change, until you will be just as informed of conditions and discoveries as those who experience them! This is so.”

    Another aspect of the Cosmic Plan includes the free movement of other intelligences from outside this Solar System being able to explore the various planets….and Earth!

  • Grant Haygood says:

    I’m excited for the July 27th World Puja show. Thank you for putting emphasis on “the last card,” and MILABs.

    It was so amazing to meet you in Crestone the other week. Couldn’t have happened on a better night; during the June 2012 Global CE-5. It was a truly magical evening. Sorry I couldn’t find you guys the following Thursday. It’s a long story… Another time, for sure. Best wishes.



  • JAMES313 says:

    i for 1 wont be fooled again, however many others would. i come across a huge amount of ignorance on who runs the show on earth, we need to not fool ourselfs that despite the disclosure project and its many other aspects and sub projects having a big following and lots of support there still remains people who not only get the wrong end of the stick but seem intent on doing so . the cabal has to end ! or we will end ourselfs, that is not a choice i will settle for

  • coterie says:

    Your post drew a sharp distinction between our human capacity for exterminating life, waging wars and carrying out mass murder of our own species on a global scale. That beings from other worlds have chosen not to interfere, even though they are witness to what is going on. I do find it hard to believe that we have, on occasion, been able to down one of their craft as they are much more technologically advanced than we. Maybe the reason for this new effort on an imminent alien attack/invasion is the fact that the PTB know something we do not. That, indeed, contact is very forthcoming. Which brings to mind something that has puzzled me–that is the worldwide building of deep, underground tunnels (shelters?) and for what reason? We have the vault in Sweden, to house the world’s seed species. Are they anticipating something we don’t know? Then we have in the United States articles and little glimpses here and there that Homeland Security is building underground tunnels (shelters?) And for what reason? We are being herded into one answer and that is a worldwide financial global collapse in which thousands, millions will be out on the streets, demonstrating and rioting. And these “shelters” will be used to round us up. But, I’m not so sure. Could there be another reason and one they especially do not want us to know? When have we ever been privy to the truth of anything and especially when it comes to visitations from other sentient beings in the universe? Could it be that the world’s military and “leaders” know that contact is imminent and have a plan, have had a plan and t’s being implemented, right now? Thus, the reason for the false flag of an “alien invasion” in which we all would be annihilated in a nanosecond. So we will cower in a corner, like the good little sheep we are, as the Control Meisters hammer another nail in our coffin. I would like to believe that our “leaders” would stand together, hand in hand, at a formal welcoming ceremony, as our celestial visitors publicly landed for all the world to see. But alas, I cannot. As the capacity for more and more global control becomes evident, as their noose tightens around our necks, we must take a stand. We must keep our eyes to the skies and our minds intact. Spread the word and support those who know what is truly happening. We must fight the good fight and defend what we know in our hearts to be the truth. Please know, Dr. Greer, that you have many out there who support your honorable work. I will continue to distribute your information and keep my eyes on the skies, watching and waiting for our alien friends to make their appearance. Unafraid now and unabashed, they have decided that NOW is the time for Planet Earth to join the rest of the Universe in meeting their celestial neighbors face to face. No more lies, no more cover ups. The moment of Truth has arrived.

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  • Talcott says:

    This type of banal propaganda(hostile aliens tripe) is at times a blessing in disguise, as it opens the opportunity to discuss this with people.

    Progress is being made. Gentle, compassionate, mindful engagement with our fellow being’s to remedy our collective ignorance is powerful.

    For example this was published on June 14 in Veterans Today

    After your work Steven was exposed to the editors and publishers of said site this was published June 28.

    The tenor of difference between the article’s is significant, because they ignorance was not obfuscating perspective.

  • Doubledare says:

    I’ve seen a few UFOs in broad daylight; and I accept your reasoning regarding the intent of these visitors. But it does strike me as unusual that these interstellar/dimensional travelers were reportedly brought crashing down to Earth by, in some cases, our primitive radar systems, or perhaps reverse-engineered technologies.

    How…human of them.

    Can you furnish a fellow intelligent supporter with a sound explanation for this bizarre discrepancy? If they too are prone to overlooking hazards or taking unnecessary risks, our outlook changes. And why WERE they foolish enough to contact our government/military leaders at all? — or to materialize at all?

    ANY interference in our affairs amounts to an infringement upon our free will and its consequences, does it not? And isn’t the ultimate consequence, that of death itself, merely a transition, and nothing to be feared or mobilized against anyway? Why not just let the world unravel as it will?

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