Why The Sirius.Neverendinglight.com Film Matters

Some have asked: What difference can another UFO film make?

Well, a lot.

This is the Greatest Story Never Told.  Even if over half the public think UFOs are real, very few realize that the secrecy is driven by a corrupt- and corrupting- macro-economic power grab that viciously suppresses the science behind UFO energy and propulsion systems.

Few know what a former DOE official told me about seeing a vast storage facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory where such “free energy” devices were stored and hidden from view…

Fewer still know what one of President Clinton’s cabinet members told one of his children: It doesn’t matter who the President is- at least on such matters.

President Carter himself admitted that he did not have a high enough security clearance to deal with this issue.

And an Admiral who I personally briefed at the Pentagon was distressed and frightened that- even though we have given him recent project code numbers and names of operations dealing with ET and UFO matters- he was explicitly denied access. And he was J-2 – the Director of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Beyond this, the world is arrested in a circa late 1800′s energy and physics paradigm that is driving us to destroy our own planet.

This is a film that can galvanize the people of the world to act, to initiate a Global Springtime, to for once end the secrecy and bring forth the technologies long withheld from the people of Earth.

And then there is the matter of Contact: Dare we cede this critical mission of Contact with other civilizations to a militarized kleptocracy that is hell-bent on global destruction?  Since the President and other world officials have abdicated this responsibility (or as President Kennedy said had the matter taken out of their hands…) it is now up to We The People to act.

Disclosure rests with us. Contact : We must make it. Bringing forth the innovative new energy technologies ruthlessly suppressed for nearly a century- We can do that.

Please do not think that the US government – or any President or member of Congress, or potentate in another country, or the UN, or the great corporations, or the famous and wealthy powerful elite with do this.

But we can.

This film will galvanize millions of people to act. And act NOW.  When it is successful, we may then have the funds to create our own high-tech research lab and bring forth some of the over 5000 inventions (see www.TheOrionProject.org) that have been seized under “national security orders”. And then we will have a new civilization on earth– at least one running on technologies that were fully developed over 50 years ago.

A lone inventor cannot do this. The powerful and elite won’t.

So we must.

Please help us in any way you can.


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17 Responses to Why The Sirius.Neverendinglight.com Film Matters

  • coterie says:

    Dr. Greer: I wholeheartedly support your efforts to reveal the Truth and have contributed to the production of your film. My question is, “is humanity ready (have we ascended spiritually and intellectually enough) to handle what “disclosure” will mean, to all of us? It is one thing to believe in Et’s, as I do, but another thing entirely to actually watch the veil of deception being torn off, after thousands (millions?) of years and have a real encounter with one and their advanced technology. There are many, many powerful, elite, wealthy individuals/corporations, companies and other entities who have co-opted and corrupted mankind and are using us solely for their own resources (such as the gold in their teeth). When this event happens and the world (as one unit, collectively) witnesses what the message of “Disclosure” is all about, what do you personally feel will be the world’s reaction? Are we really ready for the implications and any possible (more likely probable) upheaval of such monumental proportions as we are finally confronted with the Truth.

  • Talcott says:

    You may find this bit of corroboration fascinating…….

    at roughly 53:33 Ingo Swann says

    “..one of those reasons was they didn’t want to have, ever have remote viewing connected with anything extra terrestrial because you put those two things together and you have a developing situation….(laughs)…that these chains of command don’t exactly know how to manage from the get go…., okay?”-Ingo Swann


  • drgreer says:

    Thank you so much for your help- I hope someday we can meet- in Prague or another place! I really appreciate all of your support and networking help…Dr. Greer

  • Thank you, thank you! We have not spoken to each other for a long time but I am not sleeping. Here’s what you want to read: I have sent my careful deep personal recommendation and plea for help with funding the film to whole my e-mail list… and people are asking back! ;-) Also using all space I have on facebook to make people aware of this project. I hope to have funds to meet you some time personally! Ever have thought of visiting Prague, Czech Republic, you are welcome as my personal guest.

  • drgreer says:

    Thank you for your kind comments! I hope to get to Australia someday. BTW for those wondering she is referring to the book Contact: Countdown to Transformation that also has a DVD with it if you get it at http://www.DisclosureProject.org. A big hello to all of the great supporters Down Under! Dr. Greer

  • LeaShorina says:

    Hi* I have just been reading the brilliant book CONTACT. A friend had mentioned that they have a being that looks like an ‘owl hominid’ on the surveillance camera. It turned & looked at the camera. This is Far North Queensland, Australia. Thought you may be interested. Much gratitude for all that you & your team are doing***** L’S*

  • Kosta Makreas says:

    Thank you so very much, Dr. Greer, for taking this next bold step by producing and distributing ‘Sirius’. It is a critical documentary which allows us all to participate in creating our positive and enlightened planetary future.

    As far as helping us make ET Contact, I appreciate how throughout the years you have educated the public in using your CE-5 protocols to make exciting personal ET Contact.

    To that end, our “Global CE-5 ET Contact” initiative founded in October, 2010 seeks to build upon your amazing work with the CE-5 protocols.

    We are a group of 70+ groups in 13+ countries who interconnect and coordinate every month to achieve our group and individual ET contact. Our teams receive amazing diverse contact on the ground and in the skies. I collect the individual team reports to share with the entire group. This serves to inspire and educate us.

    We welcome sincere, peaceful people of goodwill who have loving intentions of ET contact to join us by signing up at:


    for further information.

    As you have noted, Dr. Greer, ET Contact is up to We the People! We are happy to join you in this mission.

    May the stellar wind be at your back,

    San Bruno

  • mabbatt says:

    Great work and thanks for your tireless efforts. As far as the new energy techs, perhaps if the big corps could “get in on the action” by being the ones producing the technologies they might be more apt to releasing the tech. For instance, perhaps the US auto makers could be granted the production rights, and have built in obsolescence so that they could continue to make profits. It might not need gasoline, but a zero-point driven car still will need tires and parts replaced. There could be something for everyone (except for big oil, they would be screwed, LOL).

  • TheFifthKind says:

    I encourage all to spread the word of the new up and coming documentary SIRIUS. It is absolutely crucial to get this message out more than ever. Please donate to this important cause. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/261360616/sirius

  • cheena says:

    Spreading the word…
    We are infinite!

  • Grant Haygood says:

    Dr. Greer,

    I sent you a write up at the end of 2011 depicting my first CE-5; a remote view of large black eyes, and an oval, seamless disc at sunset the next day. We have never met, but thanks to your public info I have Initiated Contact all on my own. I am forever indebted to you. I look forward to the day that we meet in person. Although, I am curious if we have already met on the astral plane ;) Best wishes to you, your family, and everyone involved with “Sirius,” CSETI, Disclosure Project, and The Orion Project. Namaste. ∞=1

    Here is a link to The CE-5 Initiative Facebook page. Created by CSETI Ambassadors, members, and supporters. http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/205824492783376/


    Grant from Colorado.

  • Nordica says:

    This is a very exciting time. I really hope this film will make most of Earth’s population become aware of what’s really going on in this world. The mainstream media has made people very confused about this subject for many many years. I hope this film will change that.

  • Barry Kapp says:

    Thanks Steven once again. Congrats on this new blog that I know will bless many. Much love and courage your way.

  • Wolf says:

    Let each of us do the possible to help see this done. On the day that the Big Media Interests start covering this we should rejoice since the battle will have been won.

  • katiepudd says:

    Really looking forward to this film coming out – hopefully organisations like Greenpeace and other major organisations concerned with the health the of planet might take an interest in this this film as it will point to ways that we can wean ourselves off our current energy industry and the devastation that petroleum, nuclear and coal energy production has imposed on our beautiful planet at it’s people. Also hopefully the more that this issue comes out into the main-stream media people will be brave enough to question the undoubted cover-up that has been going on.

  • damonpettit says:

    Its time, actually it has been time for some time now, but things are speeding up, people are seeing through the blinders more and more. Thank you very much for everything you are doing Dr. Greer, I can not imagine the things you have gone through both physically and mentally. I am excited to see this unfold and be a part of it. :-)

  • Andrew Fitts says:

    Thank you Dr. Greer for your tireless work in helping people wake up. I look forward to meeting you in Crestone and attending the expedition. I’m all signed up and ready to go. Bring it on!

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